Monday, December 16, 2013

Workin' in the blog mines

Hello and good evening gentle viewers. Daniel, husband of Jamie, here. Tonight is blog beautification night, in case you missed it on your calendar, so hopefully your eyes hurt less than previously.

I gave myself a crash course in vector art creation and open-source Adobe alternatives, and had a surprisingly good time, which I may write about for your edification at a future date. In short, Inkscape is great, GIMP is still quite confusing but clearly powerful, and Alchemy is a trip-and-a-half that everyone should try.

In more relevant news, Jamie has some great quilts and blocks in the works, pictures of which will be shared post-haste. If you're impatient, make sure to see her Flickr and Instagram pages, or see the samples from them in the sidebar. Our top-secret nerd quilt planning is also coming along, which we'll write about soon. Until then, good night!

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